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There has been a major healing borne of the difficult task I was given. In my pain I opened myself wide and showed the dark side of the moon. And while I tarried in my truth and peeled the layers from my years. She appeared and reminded me of the beauty and grace to be found in courage. She is the source of my great power. She knows the ancients and whispers to me nightly. In my suffering a great great thing occurred. In my suffering more than 20 years of anger and pain was lifted from another. I will never question my calling again.

The title comes from a conversation I had with a woman years ago. Helen was a friend of a friend. Once in conversation she replied to my uncertainties regarding my purpose in life. She smiled and said, “One day you will realize you have already what you search for and that you’ve had it all along.” I feel the road has been repaired and I can travel freely and with certainty across the borders of my years. The self you see on the picture remains within me still. She kept the truth of our calling safe until I could return. six-year-old-me
Would you like to see a woman bare her suffering soul in public just so others can feel free to speak their truths?