So we got 6-8 inches of snow today and at about the sixth inch my husband and I decided to go shovel the driveway and clean off the cars. It was good snowball making snow and so I began to make and throw them at him. I promise you it transformed me into a girl. I would make one and throw it then continue cleaning off the car until he turned his back and I would hit him again. I was so delighted, I just laughed and threw another. My laughter felt so light and free it lifted me into another perspective.

After we finished shoveling he went on inside but I wanted to pursue this elevation of spirit. There was no one on the street from one end to the other. I walked out into the middle of the street and watched the snow fall. I stood there transfixed until it dawned on me.

There were no sounds. It was silent and still except for falling show and I entered a meditative state as I walked to the corner.  On the walk back I heard the sound of something falling. It was snow falling from the branches on various trees. Then the branches beckoned me to come closer to them. They wanted to reveal something to me so I went and stood under a tree, it only took a moment before I understood. As if to validate my insight a single wren flew out from his hiding place right past me. I took note of the location for feeding later but ohhh those trees. They were crystal clear in their message.

I tried to capture it in a video and share the message rather clumsily. But enough so that I hope it reaches you. We must remember the power we do have and that is not to fuel the fire of fear.

Let me share the video with you. It will be on my Facebook page near the share of this blog post.