As I was saying this is the first day of the last month of 2016 still basking in new moon energy. Beginnings and endings look more and more like a spiral rather than that straight line I once envisioned.
I have had so many amazing experiences this year. I have been at the height of excellence and the depths of despair. I’ve been recognized and demonized. Loved and despised. Laughed so hard I got the hiccups and cried so hard I had to call some friends because I couldn’t stop.
I’ve lived this year seizing every opportunity to be myself, express myself, share myself, push myself, examine myself, be pissed with myself and to love myself.
This year this is my best thing.
I took 20 people to the White House most expenses paid,all paid for the young people (30 and under). It is one of the highlights of my life. I had gone there about three months before the trip and had a meeting, I said “I want to bring some young Black kids here that would not ever have imagined they could be here”. They thought it was a great idea. I had to come home and get it figured out. And I did I figured it out and got it done thanks to Fedex and my savings, I got flights, hotel, transportation food and our White House Angel took those kids all over the place. When I look now at the bell Julie Davis gave me that is inscribed with my name, Thank You, The White House Kidz I get so filled up.
I think, YOU DID THAT!!!!
2016 I am gonna ride you all the way out making new plans, dreaming new dreams and believing the best is yet to be…for me and thee